St. Luke’s Rain Garden is Still Going Strong One Year Later!

Update time! A little over a year ago, with the help of Sean James (of Sean James Consulting) and our parishioners, St. Luke’s planted our very own Rain Garden outside of our church and community centre.

The garden directs the rainwater that is collected by the eavestroughs on the Church and Community Centre to water a variety of indigenous plants and shrubs. This decreases the amount of runoff and pollutants that enters our creeks and waterways, and provides our neighbourhood with a beautiful garden.

This garden was designed by Sean James of Sean James Consulting, with partnerships from Green Communities Canada, the Halton Environmental Network, the Halton Food Council, Fern Ridge Eco Landscaping, Harpski Landscaping, and Maple Hill Tree Services. Our fantastic parishioners and volunteers were also a key part in the construction and planting of this garden.

Our deep thanks go out to these partners, as well as Julie Parks and Margie Simms, who with the help of other parishioners, have been doing a fantastic job of watering the garden while the rain has been scare this summer.

The plants are doing well and are currently in their second growth cycle. Make sure to check out this beautiful garden, both now and when our facilities reopen!

Written by Jess Prentice