Rev. Fran, Rev. Judy, Bishop Susan Bell and Rev. Jody

Celebrating a New Chapter in Rev. Jody Balint’s Ministry

Since the start of Rev. Jody Balint’s ministry at St. Luke’s, Palermo, we have been blessed to have her skills in leadership, outreach, preaching, teaching and more. Jody was ordained a Deacon in November 2019, and since then has served as St. Luke’s part-time Pastoral Associate. She leads our weekly Morning Prayer and Bible Study on Wednesdays, preaches and leads ministry at one Sunday worship service per month, and has taken great initiative in organizing volunteers and outreach opportunities. Now, we are blessed to celebrate a new chapter in her ministry; Jody was ordained a Priest this past February.

On Sunday, February 23, Bishop Susan Bell ordained Jody along with Judy Steers and Fran Wallace as Priests in the Anglican church. This service marked the end of Jody’s journey into the Clergy and the start of a new phase in her work. Parishioners from St. Luke’s and many other parishes attended at Christ’s Church Cathedral, where Bishop Bell and priests from across the Diocese laid hands on Jody, Judy and Fran, invoking the Holy Spirit’s blessing and marking their consecration into the Priesthood. It was an exciting time for everyone.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Susan Bell and priests from across the Diocese lay hands on Jody Balint.
Rev. Fran Wallace, Rev. Judy Steers, Bishop Susan Bell, and Rev. Jody Balint (left to right) at the ordination service.

Following her ordination, Jody has continued to plan new and engaging ministries at St. Luke’s, as well as leading her ongoing pastoral work at St. John’s, Rockwood. Most recently, she organized and hosted a Lenten Prayer Afternoon on Saturday, March 7. This interactive, multi-room retreat let parishioners and visitors meditate and explore their relationship with God in novel ways. Jody also remains active in engaging young people, both in the church and in our community centre volunteer programs.

We hope you will visit St. Luke’s to see Jody’s continuing ministry and to find out how you can get involved in this community… whoever you are!