Empty Tomb

An Easter Message from Bishop Susan Bell

Hallelujah! Christ has triumphed over the grave! We wish you every blessing from all of us here at St. Luke’s as we celebrate Jesus’ Easter resurrection. Although we may be living through extraordinary and uncertain times due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the message of the empty tomb remains undiminished and brings light to whatever darkness we may face.

That is why we want to share this Easter message of hope from our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Susan Bell, offering encouragement in this season of new life:

Bishop Susan Bell
Photo: Michael Hudson

Dear Friends,

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Earlier this month, in a rare message, Her Majesty The Queen uttered an important phrase as she comforted us throughout the Commonwealth with regard to our present crisis.   She said: “We will be with our families again.  We will be with our friends again.  We will meet again.”  As she and we know, this phrase has valency and weight for those who came through the war. She meant it both in the here and now – in time and at the passage of this terrible virus – we will meet again.  But she also meant that we who have lost loved ones will see each other again one day in the future – when we too will have the gift of eternal life that is promised by Jesus’ Resurrection.  And indeed that is exactly right. 

Not even the novel coronavirus can change that fact – nor can it take away our Easter joy.